Southern Soybean Research Program

SSRP LogoThe Southern Soybean Research Program (SSRP) uses checkoff dollars to coordinate and fund production research projects that benefit the Southern soybean-producing region.  The six states making up the SSRP include Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

SSRP State Members

The SSRP is managed by the Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board.

Membership Dues: $2500 per seat limit of 2 per state. Invoices are mailed in September of each year.

Meetings are held twice a year, usually in December in conjunction with the USB/ASA board meeting and again in conjunction with Commodity Classic. Meeting notices are sent out electronically and hard copy for each meeting.

Current Research Projects

Developing Irrigation Management Strategies for Soybean Production in Humid Regions of the Southern US Funded by SSRP
Dr. Ole Wendroth, Dr. Chad Lee, Dr. Carrie Knot, Dr. Lloyd Murdock (University of Kentucky); Dr. George Vellidis & Dr. Wesley Porter (University of Georgia); Dr. Brian Leib  (University of Tennessee); Dr. Brenda Ortiz, Dr. D. Delaney, Dr. T. Knapperberger (Auburn University).  This project is to improve producers’ irrigation efficiency and increase soybean yields by developing knowledge on field soil water and biomass production processes to arrive at a smartphone application that allows soybean farmers and crop consultants to decide whether a particular field or zone in that field needs to be irrigated.

Past Research Projects

Investigations into occurrence, distribution and impact of nematodes in soybean yields in the Southern States (2011-2013) Funded by SSRP and member states, USB and University of Arkansas –  Researchers include: Dr. Kathy Lawerence (University of Alabama), Dr. Terry Kirkpatrick (University of Arkansas), Dr. Bob Kermerant (University of Georgia), Dr. Jason Bond (Southern Illinois), Dr, Don Hershman (University of Kentucky), Dr. Charlie Overstreet (University of Louisana), Dr. Allen Wrather (Bootheel), Dr. Gary Lawerence and Dr. Tom Allen (University of Mississippi) Dr. Steve Koenning (University of North Carolina), Dr. Paula Agudelo (University of South Carolina), Dr. Pat Donald (USDA-ARS) This study is to see and give recommendations on the impact of nematodes in soybean fields in the southern states.

Rust resistant Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ soybean varieties that produce superior protein meal. (2011-2013) Funded by SSRP and USB – Researchers include: Dr. Roger Boerma and Dr. Zenglu Li (University of Georgia), Dr, Vince Pantalone (University of Tennessee) Drs. Boerma, Li and Pantalone is carrying out research using the RR2 Yield soybean varieties that produce superior protein meal.

Research of Soybean Tolerance to Waterlogging and Drought Funded by the SSRP and USB (April 2009)
Dr. J. Grover Shannon of the University of Missouri , Delta Center is carrying out joint research projects that explore tolerance of various soybean varieties when exposed to waterlogging, but also drought.

Evaluation of Soybean Varieties and Exotic Germplasm for Tolerance to Soil Waterlogging (2008)
Dr. Grover Shannon (Project Pl), with the University of Missouri-Columbia, has been awarded a grant from the SSRP to find the highest performing soybean varieties in relation to tolerance to soil waterlogging.

Fungicide Standardized Trials to Control Soybean Rust (2007-08)
The Southern Soybean Research Program (SSRP) has funded fungicide standardized trials to control Asian Soybean Rust over the past two growing sessions. Headed up by Dr. Melvin Newman, Professor in the Entomology and Plant Pathology Department at the University of Tennessee ,the trials were held in Tennessee, Alabama , Georgia and Florida.

Yield Loss Prediction Tool for Field-Specific Risk Management of Asian Soybean Rust (2007)
The University of Kentucky (UK) was awarded a grant (Project Pl: Saratha Kumudini) to develop a soybean rust (SBR) yield loss prediction tool. This project website was developed as a result of this grant. The goal of the project is to develop a risk management tool to help soybean producers decide how to better manage SBR.

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