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Watch our new video HERE!

Download our 32-page SOY MUCH FUN activity book, which contains activities for children from preschool to 6th Grade!

There’s a lot to learn about soybeans! This page contains links to several activities that can be used in the classroom, along with links to other sites with good materials for students, as well as adults. Don’t forget to check out the links below to discover the history of soybeans and the definition of many food and industrial soy products.

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Check out our educational video here!

Here’s a video that spotlights soybeans for the younger crowd. Join our friend Kylie as she learns about soybeans from Barry Alexander at Cundiff Farms in the latest “Kentucky Farms Feed Me” video. Watch it HERE.

How much of what’s in that tank is crop protection products? The answer- “Not A Latte,” may surprise you. Check out this video from CommonGround here.

Visit our News/Pubs page to view and download our latest educational materials: our GMO brochure, Kentucky Farmers Care, and our newest “Have You Ever Wondered?” brochure, which answers common food questions.


Teachers – Incorporate Animal Agriculture into your next lesson!

These lessons are made available through a partnership between the Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board, United Soybean Board and Kentucky Farm Bureau.



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