George H. Martin Memorial Scholarship

George H. Martin

The farmer-leaders of the Kentucky Soybean Association (KSA) created a scholarship in memory of George H. Martin. Martin, of Nebo, was actively involved with both KSA and the Kentucky Soybean Board. The Kentucky Soybean Association was founded in 1970, and George became involved not long after. He was the first agent of the Association’s first office, collecting membership dues and representing the organization. He and his wife, Linda, kept the books and sent out correspondence from Kentucky’s first soybean office, which happened to be their dining room table.

Martin served in leadership roles in KSA including as secretary and treasurer from 1976 to 1983, vice president from 1984 to 1987, and President from 1988 to 1992. He served as Vice-Chair of the Ken-Ten Council, made up of Kentucky and Tennessee Soybean Farmers, and was Vice-Chairman in 1991.

Martin also served on the checkoff side, including as Chairman of the Board in 2005. He was one of Kentucky’s first representatives to the United Soybean Board and is one of the few farmer directors to complete two nine-year terms on USB.

In February 2003, the Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board joined the Southern Soybean Research Program (SSRP) with George serving as our state’s representative.  He was elected Chairman of that organization, a position he held until his passing in January of 2020.

Martin served as Kentucky’s representative to the Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) since 2012 and was elected Chairman in December 2013.

In addition to serving in elected and/or appointed official capacities, George (and his wife Linda) were selfless volunteers at numerous events throughout the year. They worked multiple shifts at our Kentucky State Fair and the National Farm Machinery Show, in addition to setting up a soybean checkoff booth at various smaller events. George was a staunch advocate for soy biodiesel and worked for numerous years in our booth, shared with the National Biodiesel Board, during the Mid America Truck Show. George H. Martin was well-known and well-respected for his knowledge of the soybean industry, and the farmer-leaders of KSA wanted to do something to honor that legacy.

Guidelines and Requirements

Children and grandchildren of Kentucky Soybean Association members who are interested in pursuing a degree in agriculture or related field at an accredited college, university or a community and technical college are eligible to compete for the $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship is NOT restricted to incoming freshman students.

Parent, legal guardian or grandparent of child or grandchild must be a member in good standing as of February 1, 2023. Children or grandchildren of scholarship selection committee members are ineligible.

The application period is now closed. Check back later to see this year’s winner!