Checkoff dollars are sometimes used to document how grain moves and what transportation opportunities are available to farmers.

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Take a Virtual Tour Through a Lock
Have you ever been curious as to how your soybeans travel through the U.S. inland-waterway system? Come along on this virtual tour created by the soy checkoff that showcases how locks help move U.S. soybeans. This video takes viewers on a quick tour to show how locks work and how the inland-waterway system contributes to the competitive advantage of U.S. soybeans.

The Kentucky Soybean Board is a member of the Soy Transportation Coalition, an organization comprised of thirteen state soybean boards, the American Soybean Association, and the United Soybean Board. The thirteen participating states encompass 85% of total U.S. soybean production. In addition, the National Grain and Feed Association and the National Oilseed Processors Association serve as ex-officio members on the Soy Transportation Coalition’s board. Gerry Hayden, a farmer from Calhoun, Kentucky, serves as the Coalition’s Chairman.

Soy Transportation Coalition Goal and Objectives:
Goal: Position soybean industry stakeholders to benefit from a transportation system that delivers cost effective, reliable, and competitive service.

Seek a cost effective transportation system for soy shippers and customers
Seek reliable transportation service for soy shippers and customers
Work to ensure the U.S. transportation system has the infrastructure and capacity necessary for the long term competitiveness of the soybean industry
Build and maintain collaborative relationships
Ensure the soybean industry understands the impact of transportation issues on their profitability and competitiveness