Animal Agriculture

In 2017, the last year for which final statistical data has been compiled, domestic animal agriculture consumed 652.2 thousand tons of soybean meal in Kentucky — by far the largest source of soybean meal demand. This places the state as #17 in the nation in terms of soybean meal consumption. Additionally, animal agriculture in Kentucky consumed 21,228 tons in soy hulls.

This soybean meal was fed primarily to
• Broilers (536.4 thousand tons)
• Hogs (50.3 thousand tons)
• Egg-laying hens (26.4 thousand tons)

Animal agriculture is an important part of Kentucky’s economy. In 2017, Kentucky’s animal agriculture contributed the following to the economy:
• About $6.1 billion in economic output
• $1.3 billion in household earnings
• 39,119 jobs
• $300.7 million in income taxes
• $113.7 million in the form of property taxes

And the animal agriculture sector has shown growth during challenging economic times. During the last decade, (2007-2017) Kentucky’s animal agriculture has:
• Increased economic output by $460.8 million
• Added 2,646 jobs
• Paid an additional $22.1 million in income taxes

Animal agriculture encompasses mainly beef cattle, hogs, broilers, turkeys, eggs, sheep, dairy, and aquaculture. Future soybean demand is tightly linked to the health of these industries.

Source: 2018 Soybean Meal Demand Assessment prepared for the United Soybean Board by Decision Innovation Solutions (September 2018)